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Delta Romeo Trading owner-founder, Mr. Diosdado Rejano was featured in the 2012 issue of the Marid Agribusiness Digest

Most farmers are struggling to keep their livestock healthy.  They exert extra work to keep their animals free from pests such as worms and flies as well as preventing common but deadly diseases such as mastitis and scouring that can cause huge revenue losses.  These efforts are also done to avoid sky-high veterinary bill problems which most small-scale farmers cannot afford.

As research for a more economical approach to animal health continues, one company discovered an organic yet affordable homegrown solution to these livestock predicaments.  A product called D.E. (DTM 808) made from Diatomaceous earth which is marid_2created by Delta Romeo Trading owned by Diosdado E. Rejano is believed to be an effective remedy for animal maladies.  D.E. is made from Diatomaceous earth which according to Wikipedia is also called “diatomite” that is a naturally occurring, soft siliceous sedimentary rock that can be easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder.  Delta Romeo pioneered the implant of minerals such as the diatomite as a natural remedy as its campaign against major sources of environmental pollution in the Philippines.  Their goal is to minimize and eradicate pollution and its adverse effects in an environment-friendly manner.  One of their missions is to improve their products and continually innovate to find better ways to cope up with the ever increasing level of environmental pollution.  The company also aspires to optimize the best pollution practices that are sustainable and economical as well as being and be recognized as a major contributor in preserving the environment.

– By Lory de Jesus, Page 61, Marid AgriBusiness Digest, May 2012


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