Biogen Plus

Biogen Plus All-In-One Solution, Multi-purpose Plant Extract Concentrate

An organic cell contains a group of powerhouses called “mitochondrion”, which when damaged or weak alters the cell, making it more susceptible to infection.  BIOGEN PLUS, in turn, attempts to normalize the mitochondrion by repairing the cell’s voltage and stability.  When a cell cannot be repaired, BIOGEN PLUS breaks down the cell together with the organic matter in its immediate environment into its basic elemental compounds.

Every living cell has a minute power station called “mitochondrion.”  It gives a healthy cell voltage of -90mv.  When the cell is weak or damaged its voltage will attract BIOGEN PLUS.  When BIOGEN PLUS comes in contact with the affected cell, it will attempt to bring the -30mv voltage (weak cell) to -90mv.  If the weak cell accepts this assistance or (corrections), it begins to function properly again.  If the weak cell can’t be helped or corrected then BIOGEN PLUS will destroy it and thus, begin the decomposition process. Both organic and inorganic materials are composed of atoms of different elements.  The atoms are held together by chemical bonding by which electrons are combined.

“We have already resolved the pollution-related issues of many water treatment plants, establishments, and even that of various livestock and plantations all over the country by promoting our environment-friendly line of products.”

When BIOGEN PLUS comes in contact with the sick or dead cells it has a “wedge” effect, causing the atoms to repel instead of attract.  Once the atoms separate, the original material no longer exists, rather it is now transformed into its basic elemental components such as oxygen, hydrogen or carbon.

What are the benefits in using Biogen Plus?

img0059ELIMINATES FOUL ODOR.  Decomposing waste products undergo bio-chemical reactions that create foul-smelling odor composed of volatile molecules many of which are harmful to humans and animals.

img0060DISINFECTS.  Viruses are microorganisms that when living outside of cells are harmless but cause diseases or death once they achieve cell penetration.  BIOGEN PLUS counteracts these harmful organisms into two primary ways: first, BIOGEN PLUS actively repairs damaged host cells to prevent cell infection.  Second, if unrepaired, BIOGEN PLUS breaks down the host cells into harmless basic elemental compounds.
img0062SPEEDS UP DECOMPOSITION.  Natural decomposition occurs in both organic and inorganic materials.  BIOGEN PLUS speeds up this process for material types by breaking down the cells and reducing them to their basic elemental components.  It also enhances beneficial bacterial growth for fermentative biodegradation.

Where can I use Biogen Plus?

Biogen Plus can be used in the following industries: food and beverages, meat and seafood processing, slaughterhouse, agribusinesses, water treatment plants, landfills, transfer stations, dump trucks, garbage trucks, public toilets, public markets, restaurants, hotels, schools, supermarkets, wet markets, shopping malls, commissaries, hospitals, clinics, laundry shops, etc.

Livestock Application

Poultry & Piggery

poultrySanitation plays a big role in keeping your poultry business healthy and therefore, productive.  Biogen Plus can be used to sanitize the water and in misting especially when the water source is not 100% clean.
piggeryHog-raisers may also benefit from the many uses of Biogen Plus.  It may be used in castration, ear-notching, cutting of the umbilical cord, treatment of mange, misting, disinfection, water sanitation and sterilization of tools and equipment (ear-notcher, tooth- nipper, scissors, needles, syringe, etc.)

What about chicken feathers and bones?

feathersandbones“Chicken feathers and bones are normally buried by those who are in the dressed chicken industry.  Unfortunately, feathers and bones do not decay and they do not become part of the soil.Biogen Plus can dissolve feathers and bones.”

Industrial Application

Water Treatment Plants

foxitpdfDownload Biogen Plus Technical Administration Guidelines in PDF.


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