Biogen EM Plus

Biogen EM Plus Effective Micro-organism

By using BIOGEN EM PLUS, the decomposition of organic waste will be accelerated compared to conventional treatment of naturally present bacteria.  This acceleration, together with a mechanical dewatering of digested sludge, will shorten the hydraulic retention time.  Therefore, the capacity of the existing plant without additional infrastructure increases as this becomes capable of receiving fresh wastewater.

“Our products can help eliminate foul odor by speeding up the decomposition process of organic and inorganic wastes; they are also effective as disinfectant in treating a contaminated spot.”

Product Information

  • Increase the efficiency and stability of aerobic and anaerobic digesters.
  • Decreases BOD, TSS and TDS of waste water.
  • Prevents the growth and development of pathogenic microbes (eg. e. colli).
  • Recycles waste water.
  • Eliminates foul odor.
  • Promotes rapid degradation of organic waste materials into stable and plant and animal soluble forms.
  • Easily converts organic waste into organic fertilizer.
  • Enhances the operational performance of municipal sewage treatment plants, septic systems, grease traps, food processing waste systems, lagoons, lift stations, fish ponds, water estuaries or any system where waste organics are a problem.
  • Enhances the activities of microorganisms in an aeration tank and improves the performance of a treatment plant.
  • Improves sedimentation process (solid-liquid separation), the basis for cleaning the water.

How To Use Biogen EM Plus

Seeding BIOGEN EM (Effective Microorganism)
Dissolve BIOGEN EM Plus solution at the rate of 4 liters per 10 m3 of waste water.  For the initial seeding, consider the volume of the primary tank, then succeeding treatments shall consider the waste water flow.
Seeding shall be done once a week for the first 3 months.  Succeeding applications will be arranged depending on the developments.

Results After Application
After 3-7 days of application, you will notice a significant improvement like water having turned from black to brown.

Basically, what is the active ingredient of Biogen EM Plus?  Bacteria.

Bacteria can be classified into different types:

  1. Aerobic Types, which require oxygen to live;
  2. Anaerobic, which can live without oxygen; and
  3. Facultative, which an live under both aerobic and  anaerobic conditions.

For waste digestion, we can identify several beneficial characteristics that we want our chosen bacteria to have.  The good bacteria that we will choose must:

  1. Consume (digest) a wide variety of organic material that are present in wastes;
  2. Digest waste quickly and completely, without producing significant odors of noxious gas;
  3. Must be non-pathogenic—will not cause any disease in man or animals; and
  4. Grow and reproduce quickly and readily in the environmental conditions found in waste disposal systems.

Certain bacteria belonging to the Bacillus species have these desirable characteristics.  They consume organic waste thousands of times faster than the bacteria that are naturally present in the waste.  They grow and reproduce easily, are non-pathogenic, and do not produce foul odors or gas as they digest waste.

img0076These “good” bacteria are cultured (grown by artificial means) on liquid or dry nutrient medium.  These cultured bacteria are then freeze dried to put them in a state of suspension.  They remain alive, ready to swim, eat, and reproduce as soon as they are activated (rehydrated) and put into the proper environment.

The proper environment needed for rapid growth and reproduction of these good bacteria must have these characteristics:

  1. A water medium containing food (organic waste).
  2. Dissolved oxygen (for the aerobic types that require it) in sufficient quantities.
  3. Proper pH, not too acidic nor too alkaline, between 6 and 9 at the pH scale.
  4. Moderate temperature, between 50 deg °F and 110 deg °F.

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