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In our effort to minimize if not to totally eradicate pollution and its adverse effects to our environment, we came by natural solutions, which later on would become known as the “Deltaromeo anti-pollution and environment-friendly” line of products.  Remaining true to our mission, we will improve our products and continually innovate so we can find better ways to cope up with the ever increasing level of environmental pollution around us.  Our vision remains at the forefront of our mission.


Our Vision.It is our vision and aspiration that our products become a major contributor in the preservation, protection, and solution to all kinds of environmental pollutions.  It is also our vision that our products be recognized to bring added dimension for optimizing the best pollution control practices that are sustainable, ecomomical, and environment friendly.

Our Mission.The major sources of environmental pollution globally are the organic wastes coming from animal production, agricultural, marine processing, sewage and garbage coming from both industrial and municipal sectors.  It is our mission to introduce and implement technologies that are compatible with the global ecosystem, bringing effective and yet affordable solutions to environmental pollution.


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