DTM 808 is safe on livestocks

dtm808packagingDiatomaceous earth is used world-wide, especially in prosperous countries like U.S.A. and Japan where they have various applications for it in different industries.  Here in the Philippines, sadly, only a handful of people knows about it and only a few have been actually benefiting from its use.  In this post, we have gathered all the messages we have received from farmers and breeders who have used DTM 808.

goats“My goats have cleaner and shinier fur after using DTM 808 as feed additive.  Also look healthier and eliminating runny stool even during rainy season.” — Satisfied Client.

“Gud am! So far maganda ang results, controlled ang pagtatae ng goats.” — First Time User.

“Good pm, sir.  Sensya na for the late reply may meeting lang ako.  I find your D.E. powder much cleaner and purer than my previous D.E.  At the same time, my gilts became fuller and heavier, one of my gilts even went on heat already, while my goat kids were all alive and healthy.  D.E. will definitely be a part of my livestock feed.” — Regular D.E. user, first time DTM 808 user.

“Gud pm, Mr. Rejano.  That’s good about Alaminos Goat Farm, I’ve heard about it and seen them at Agri-Exhibit.  My hens just started laying eggs, pretty impressive.  DTM 808 gets rid of the poop’s odor.  I’ll try it with pigs next time.  Thank u.” — Mrs. Pownall.

“Ok naman, hindi na kami nagdedeworm ng adults.  Order kami kapag malapit na maubos.” — Satisfied Client.

 ducks“Very positive po ang effect ng product.  Have done actual application sa feeds ng pigs, chicken and ducks.  Pati po sanitation ng dog area.  Thanks much po.” — Satisfied Client.

“Maayus naman sir, hindi na mabaho yung dumi, tapos, malakas nga maggatas dun sa inahin, ung pagpapalaki, inoobserbahan ko po, pero sa ngayon sir maganda naman yung observation ko.”

“Kuya Dadong, gud pm po.  Pwede po ako umutang ulit 1 sako po pakain sa bpiggeryaboy.  Nanganak na po. 15 pcs biik po.  Thank you po.” — Regular Client, Backyard Piggery.

“Gud pm, sir. Ok naman po DTM 808 sa mga baboy, by March 5 due ung isa ko inahin makikita ko result ng DTM.” — First Time User.

Ok daw.  Impressed ang binigyan ko.  Mayroon pa akong pagbibigyan piggery.  I’ll send you feedback later.  Regards.” — Regular Cient.

“Ok sir, yun nga palang mga biik ko, siksik talaga yung laman, nagbuntisan kasi mga inahin kaya ko natanong.” — Regular Client.

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