Meet our DTM 808 dogs: Changi, Kiwi, Barack and Miranda

We used to bring our other dogs to the vet. However, these 5 dogs have never been to the vet for deworming or boosters for parvo and heartworms.  In addition to this, they don’t have any ticks or fleas and their fecal waste is hard and not smelly. We just use DTM 808 and continue to use it as feed additive and this is what allows them to stay healthy.


changi3 changi2

Changi is less than 2 years old but he is a strong stocky mongrel that has the habit of jumping and hugging people. So, if you are caught unaware, you may lose your balance. He loves to run and with his strength and speed, he can literally sweep you off your feet.


kiwi1 kiwi2

Kiwi is our white and brown mongrel that loves to jump on people, just like brother Changi. However, when he gets the chance, he will try to kiss you on the face. He, also, runs fast and when he gets too excited he can go in all directions. You have to stay focused so you won’t stumble.



Barack, just like his namesake, is a leader in his own right. This Alpha dog is, also, very gentle and obedient. He is tall, lean and strong. When we let him out in the wee hours of the morning, he runs like a horse, enjoying the emptiness of the streets.


miranda1 miranda2

Miranda is our charming 3 year old Dapple Dachshund, which always welcomes us with a wag of her long tail. She may be small and appear to be lightweight but she is, actually, very heavy. You may think it may be easy to walk her around but don’t underestimate this little cutie ‘coz she has the tendency to pull you.


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