What Is King Humus Plus?

kinghumusplusHumic Acid (or King Humus Plus) is not technically a fertilizer since it does not directly provide nutrients to plants, although in some walks people do consider it that, but it does work as a soil conditioner. Thus, it’s primary target is the soil.

King Humus Plus has a beneficial impact on the growth and cultivation of crops (vegetable & non-vegetable), citrus, turf, flowers, and particularly in organically-deficient soils. King Humus Plus also stimulates microbial activity by providing the indigenous microbes with a carbon source for food, thus encouraging their growth and activity. Soil microbes are responsible for solubilizing vital nutrients such as phosphorus that can then be absorbed by King Humus Plus and in turn made available to the plant.

King Humus Plus also acts as a Plant Growth Stimulant. King Humus Plus is said to increase root vitality, improve nutrient uptake, increase chlorophyll synthesis, help seed germination, increase fertilizer retention, stimulate beneficial microbial activity and promote healthier plants and improved yields. It is especially beneficial in freeing up nutrients in the soil so that they are made available to the plant as needed. Its primary value in helping plant growth is its effect in preparing soil to be receptive to moisture and nutrients.

When applied to clay soils, humic acid can help break up compacted soils, allowing for enhanced water penetration and better root zone growth and development. When applied to sandy soils, humic acid adds essential organic material necessary for water retention thus improving root growth and enhancing the sandy soil’s ability to retain and not leach out vital plant nutrients.


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