DTM 808 is safe on livestocks

dtm808packagingDiatomaceous earth is used world-wide, especially in prosperous countries like U.S.A. and Japan where they have various applications for it in different industries.  Here in the Philippines, sadly, only a handful of people knows about it and only a few have been actually benefiting from its use.  In this post, we have gathered all the messages we have received from farmers and breeders who have used DTM 808.

goats“My goats have cleaner and shinier fur after using DTM 808 as feed additive.  Also look healthier and eliminating runny stool even during rainy season.” — Satisfied Client.

“Gud am! So far maganda ang results, controlled ang pagtatae ng goats.” — First Time User.

“Good pm, sir.  Sensya na for the late reply may meeting lang ako.  I find your D.E. powder much cleaner and purer than my previous D.E.  At the same time, my gilts became fuller and heavier, one of my gilts even went on heat already, while my goat kids were all alive and healthy.  D.E. will definitely be a part of my livestock feed.” — Regular D.E. user, first time DTM 808 user.

“Gud pm, Mr. Rejano.  That’s good about Alaminos Goat Farm, I’ve heard about it and seen them at Agri-Exhibit.  My hens just started laying eggs, pretty impressive.  DTM 808 gets rid of the poop’s odor.  I’ll try it with pigs next time.  Thank u.” — Mrs. Pownall.

“Ok naman, hindi na kami nagdedeworm ng adults.  Order kami kapag malapit na maubos.” — Satisfied Client.

 ducks“Very positive po ang effect ng product.  Have done actual application sa feeds ng pigs, chicken and ducks.  Pati po sanitation ng dog area.  Thanks much po.” — Satisfied Client.

“Maayus naman sir, hindi na mabaho yung dumi, tapos, malakas nga maggatas dun sa inahin, ung pagpapalaki, inoobserbahan ko po, pero sa ngayon sir maganda naman yung observation ko.”

“Kuya Dadong, gud pm po.  Pwede po ako umutang ulit 1 sako po pakain sa bpiggeryaboy.  Nanganak na po. 15 pcs biik po.  Thank you po.” — Regular Client, Backyard Piggery.

“Gud pm, sir. Ok naman po DTM 808 sa mga baboy, by March 5 due ung isa ko inahin makikita ko result ng DTM.” — First Time User.

Ok daw.  Impressed ang binigyan ko.  Mayroon pa akong pagbibigyan piggery.  I’ll send you feedback later.  Regards.” — Regular Cient.

“Ok sir, yun nga palang mga biik ko, siksik talaga yung laman, nagbuntisan kasi mga inahin kaya ko natanong.” — Regular Client.

DTM 808 as organic, natural pesticide receives positive remarks

dtm808packagingDTM 808 can also be used to rid your environment of those nasty and unpleasant bugs or insects.  It is, as a matter of fact, “a pesticide that human could swallow” because it is naturally harmless to people and animals as it is naturally harmful to annoying, destructive pests.

DTM 808 can get rid of bedbugs.

DTM 808 can get rid of bedbugs.

“Gud am, ok po ung D.E., so far wala na ako nakita ulit na adult bedbugs.  Balak ko monthly pag-apply ko, pero isang drawback lang yung inubo at nasal allergy sila sa bahay, kaya tinigil ko muna.” — Regular Client.

“Not using D.E. for bedbugs but effective on controlling snails and minipids on my garden plants.  Namamatay yung plant eaters.” — Anonymous.

DTM 808 receives positive remarks from veterinarians, breeders and pet lovers

dtm808packagingOver time we have been receiving lot of positive messages from satisfied veterinarians, breeders and pet lovers who have tried using DTM 808.  We would like to share some of them here.  You may also share your own experience with diatomaceous earth, or if you have tried our DTM 808, we surely appreciate it if you can  leave your own remark about this product.

“Mukhang effective kasi nawala ang garapata.  Kaya nga interesado ang vet namin.” — Anonymous.

no_fleas_ticks“Hello, Mr. Diosdado Rejano. I got your number from Mrs. Ortega about your D.E.  I’m a vet with a small clinic and I’d like to try it to prevent ticks from breeding in my grooming area.  I’s also like to encourage clients who have tick problems at home.  How much are you selling it po?” — A Veterinarian.

“Good evening, Mr. Rejano.  I’m using it sa mga dogs ko.  So far I have not dewormed as scheduled.  Supposed to be last Oct., because their fecal waste are looking good and dry.  Mr. Vasquez might be home on the last week of Dec.  Then you can have a talk.” — Regular Client.

“I used it to clean the house and the surrounding once for fleas.  Just powdered the house then vacuumed the next day.  It seemed to work.” — Anonymous.

“Didn’t itch anymore.  Used it as flea powder every week.  It also seems to be working.  Is is safe for cats, too?” — Anonymous.

“Sir, effective ang DTM 808.  Wala pang 24 hours nagsilabasan na bulate ng dog at cats ko.  T.Y.  I’ll recommend the product.” — First Time User.

“Sir, send ko po sa inyo number ng dog trainer ko.  Nasa kanya po ngayon mga aso ko.  Pinakita ko po sa kanya yung brochure nyo.  Breeder rin po sya ng mga aso, at meron din po daw sila piggery.  Interested po sya sa DTM808.  Tanong nyo po email nya, maganda po kung masend nyo yung mga info ng mga produkto nyo.” — Mr. Aino Astillero, 0999-3645199.

“Good luck sir!  Order po ko ng DTM 808 pag naibalik na po yung mga aso ko next month.  Thank you.” — Regular Client.

“Laking gulat ko nga sir in 5 days nawala yun madaming bumps sa balat ng aso, walang side effect.  Masisira vet sa D.E. natin, hehehe.” — Satisfied Client.

“Nagamit ko na ang diatomaceous nyo, Mr. Rejano, and it worked well for my dogs and even sa management ko ng waste nila.” — Satisfied Client”


Worms that came out of my dog after few days of use.

“Ok, sir.  Baka po mamaya or tomorrow kunin ko.  Ok po nung 1st 3 days ng gamit kitang-kita mga bulate sumasama sa dumi.  Text ko po kayo pag pick-up ko na po.  Thank you.” — Satisfied Client.

“Ok siya sa snakes, sir!  Tanggal yung mites nila.  Tapos hinahalo ko sa tubig nila para madeworm…” — Satisfied Client.

Delta Romeo Trading owner-founder, Mr. Diosdado Rejano was featured in the 2012 issue of the Marid Agribusiness Digest

Most farmers are struggling to keep their livestock healthy.  They exert extra work to keep their animals free from pests such as worms and flies as well as preventing common but deadly diseases such as mastitis and scouring that can cause huge revenue losses.  These efforts are also done to avoid sky-high veterinary bill problems which most small-scale farmers cannot afford.

As research for a more economical approach to animal health continues, one company discovered an organic yet affordable homegrown solution to these livestock predicaments.  A product called D.E. (DTM 808) made from Diatomaceous earth which is marid_2created by Delta Romeo Trading owned by Diosdado E. Rejano is believed to be an effective remedy for animal maladies.  D.E. is made from Diatomaceous earth which according to Wikipedia is also called “diatomite” that is a naturally occurring, soft siliceous sedimentary rock that can be easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder.  Delta Romeo pioneered the implant of minerals such as the diatomite as a natural remedy as its campaign against major sources of environmental pollution in the Philippines.  Their goal is to minimize and eradicate pollution and its adverse effects in an environment-friendly manner.  One of their missions is to improve their products and continually innovate to find better ways to cope up with the ever increasing level of environmental pollution.  The company also aspires to optimize the best pollution practices that are sustainable and economical as well as being and be recognized as a major contributor in preserving the environment.

– By Lory de Jesus, Page 61, Marid AgriBusiness Digest, May 2012


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